Proud dad goes out of “norm” and congratulates son despite passing grades in grade 1

The role of parents in the growth of their children is really huge and important. Imparting good values that they could carry for the rest of their lives should be the main goal of parents as well as supporting them in every achievement and encouraging them everytime they feel down and helpless.

Apparently, this viral dad went all out in showing his support for his son.

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In a post by Facebook user E.i. Baldo, he shared his congratulatory message to his son for successfully passing Grade 1. He said that he was really happy with his son’s achievement.

Even more when his son said that he should be careful in opening his report card as it can “cut his fingers”. It turned out that the grades his son got were all line of 7 or in the Filipino term considered as an “ax” (the shape of the number 7 is identical to that of an ax).

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Baldo also shared that although the grades of his son was almost failing grades, he is still proud of him as he sees himself back in the days through his son.

He just wants his son to do better in the coming school years because who knows? His grades might still improve.

Meanwhile, most netizens find the post both hilarious and many can relate to the father’s feelings. It now became viral with over 44,000 shares, 161,000 reactions and 18,000 comments.

So, to parents out there, if you were on Baldo’s position, would you also do the same thing that he did?