Woman jumps off to her death from 5th floor of a popular mall in EDSA

Life is such a beautiful gift given to us by our creator and we should always take this as a blessing and never take it for granted. No matter how easy or hard life gets, we shouldn’t do things we will surely regret in the future.

However, there are some people who tend to give up on life due to the problems they are facing on a daily basis. These people sometimes feel depressed and even go as far as taking their own lives as if it was nothing. We may not know what struggle they are facing in their lives, but taking your own life is surely not the best solution.

Now, a very graphic and disturbing photos circulating all over social media of a 30-year old woman who they claim to have jumped from the 5th floor of a popular mall in EDSA.

Many were shocked by the horrific incident and are still lock-jawed on what they have witnessed right before their eyes.

Witnesses claimed that the victim really is serious on ending her own life as she used a mono block chair to help her jump over the barricade.

There are some netizens who are claiming that the victim is pregnant, yet it is not clear if this speculation is true. Furthermore, the Quezon City police confirmed the suicide incident as reported by rmn.ph.