Bagani staffs speak out how is it working with Sofia Andres following rumors of her character’s sudden death in “fantaserye”

Bagani is one of the most talked about shows of ABS-CBN nowadays. Aside from its stellar cast which includes Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil or collectively known as LizQuen, the effects, action scenes and the overall story of Bagani really mananged to get to the hearts of Filipinos which is why many are hooked to it.

However, Bagani is now facing a controversy concerning one of the main characters in the drama, Mayari which is played by Sofia Andres.

Mayari eventually met her sudden death in the April 4 episode of the show. In the said episode, Mayari was struck by lightning which led to her death on the spot.

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Many viewers of the show are intrigued as to what made the staff of the show decide to end the life of one of their main characters.

Some assumed it was a tactic for the show to have higher ratings in the future. There are also others who say that it was because Andres overpowers Liza Soberano who plays the main role of Ganda in the show.

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Additionally, there are also a few who said that she has a bad attitude towards her co-workers which caused the management of the show to just cut her off entirely in the whole show.

In a recent interview with the director and other actors of the show, when they were asked about how it was working with Sofia, all they had were good words for her.

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On the other hand, Sofia said that she was happy working with the too and that she really had a good time with all the people she worked with.

These are all just speculations as there is no direct explanation yet from anyone in behalf of the show.

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