Foreign national in viral “You’re rude” video defends her girlfriend from all the bashers

Just this week, a lot of memes circulated all over the internet with the face of a woman and a subtitle that states “You’re so Road” which should have been “You’re so Rude”.

Many were curious as to where this meme came and what is the identity of the girl in the video.

After doing a little digging, we were able to find out that a show called “90-day Fiance” once featured the story of Larry and Jenny.

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90-day Day Fiancé is an American documentary series on TLC that debuted January 12, 2014. The series follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa and therefore have 90 days to decide to marry before the visas of the foreign half of the couple expire and they must leave the United States.

The part of their story that made rounds online was the one where Jenny’s family prepared a little meal for Larry. They prepared one of the most famous dishes in the Philippines, the lechon.

However, due to certain circumstances, Larry did not eat what they prepared. Thus, Jenny’s family was flustered and Jenny could not help but get mad at Larry.

This is where she mumbled the viral catch phrase, “You’re so Road.”

See the video here:

Then, many netizens reacted to the video saying that Jenny is just a gold digger who only wants to take Larry’s money.

On behalf of Jenny, Larry posted via her own Facebook account. The post says: “How can somebody be a gold digger when there is no gold to dig, so all the idiots who call my love a gold digger that’s what you are a idiot.”

Indeed, social media can be both a friend and an enemy to anyone. What remains true and important is that two people know their true feelings for each other despite what other people might say about them.