“H&M in mega sale?”, Facebook posts say so with jaw-dropping discounts

In a world full of expensive but unimportant things, it is very important to be wary of where your money goes.

We are even reminded by the people around us of how important it is to save money. Which is why when designer brands announce that they are having a ‘sale’ on their items, people really go out of their way to try and check out the low cost items.

After all, isn’t it better when you managed to save money and at the same time get your hands on designer clothes.

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This is probably the reason why this post from a netizen named Erol Yu became instantly viral.

According to Erol, the sale was just out of the blue. It was not previously announced by H&M that they will be having such extravagant kind of sale. In fact, even the employees were at first unaware of the sale.

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Erol also said that after choosing 9 pieces of clothing, he only paid PHP 2,000. He really saved a lot considering the normal price range of H&M items, PHP 2,000 is just the price of one.

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If it wasn’t for the sale, he could have paid a whopping PHP 12,728. He literally saved a total of PHP 10,728. Wow! Just Wow!

Meanwhile, many netizens got curious about the post that even the famous internet sensation Sachzna Laparan made her way to the nearest H&M store.

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Indeed, she too saved a lot after visiting the store.

This kind of sale is really tempting, right? So, hurry up and visit the H&M store near you before it all runs out.