Guy sold girlfriend to rich neighbor to save dying family in hospital

An anonymous male netizen is now earning a lot of criticisms and angry reactions from other netizens. This surge of reaction all started when the said male netizen confessed a very sensitive matter in the FEU Secret Files Facebook page.

His confession was entitled: “Binenta ko ang GF ko” (I sold my GF).

He recalled that there came a time when he badly needed money for the hospitalization of his sibling. He had tried all ways and means of trying to obtain money but all of his efforts did not prosper.

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Additionally, he also had other financial problems that needs to be taken care of like his school fees as he was a graduating student back then and their house is also on mortgage.

So, he tried to approach their rich neighbor. The neighbor agreed to lend him money in exchange of having s*x with his girlfriend. The neighbor even asked if his girlfriend is still a virgin.

At first, the guy was angered by the request of the neighbor. However, he agreed to it in the end as it is the only way to save his sibling and their family as a whole.

So, he pleaded with his girlfriend to have s*x with her. At first, the girlfriend disagreed but because she loves her boyfriend so much, she finally agreed.

The day came and they were inside the boyfriend’s house. They drank alcohol and the boyfriend made an extra effort to make his girlfriend drunk.

Then, their neighbor came. The boyfriend only remained outside the room crying hopeless tears. After 3 long hours, the neighbor came out and even gave extra money to the boyfriend.

When the boyfriend stepped into the room, he was really sorry for what he did to his girlfriend. He cried and said sorry several times. He felt really guilty that he even decided to stay away from her. Their relationship ended shortly thereafter.

The girl is now a graduating student and the guy’s conscience is still haunting him up to this day.

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Meanwhile, netizens had quite the reaction to the said post, many were angered by what the man did and said that he could have atleast confronted the girl about what really happened rather than just leaving her without telling her the truth.