23-year-old Pinay claimed she was abused by Japanese national, suspect uploaded “rape” video publicly on Facebook

We should always be careful of the persons we open our homes to. We can never tell if they have ulterior motives other than just the fact that they have nowhere else to go.

In the case of this 23-year-old Pinay, she came across a Japanese national named Tetsunori Kishida. According to GMA News, Kishida was broke and reportedly being blackmailed by another Filipina, his girlfriend.

The victim felt pity towards the suspect which is why she asked her boyfriend, another Japanese, if its OK for them to accommodate Kishida at their condo unit. The victim’s partner approved.

But, things have changed ever since Kishida stayed in their home.

The 23-year-old Pinay recalls that everytime she failed to speak in English, Kishida would go the her child’s room as if he was only checking on the child when in fact, he was threatening the Pinay to do what he wants.

The situation even became worse when Kishida even started to hurt and allegedly rape the poor Pinay. She tells a crew of GMA News that there was once a time when Kishida grabbed her from the balcony, threw her to the bed and forced her to have sex with him.

The victim finally had the chance to escape Kishida on March 29.

However, Kishida started to blackmail her by saying that he will upload videos of the alleged rape on Facebook if the Pinay refuses to have sex with him again.

“I saw the videos on Facebook, he uploaded them all, one by one… I told him not to do it because I was willing to do anything. But he didn’t delete and instead made them public,” the Pinay said.

The victim already made an effort to take her case to the proper authorities so that proper punishment may be given to Kishida.

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