Tragic: Simple headache leads to the sudden death of this once healthy guy

Aside from education, one thing that cannot be stolen from anyone is their health. Even the wealthiest people cannot fight using their money when it comes to health matters. This is why we should always take care of our health for we will never know when sickness may attack us. Even what we consider as just a simple headache could potentially be some serious disease.

Just like in the viral case of Patrick Mendoza Maniebo, a guy who was rushed to the hospital because of a simple headache but died a few weeks after.

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In a post shared by his sister, Jovelyn Mendoza Maniebo, she said that it all started back in March 11, 2018. Patrick complained of suffering from a headache. His girlfriend called his family that he can no longer get home as his fever was really high.

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Afterwards, his mom asked permission from their boss that Patrick will no longer be able to go to work as he is suffering from a headache and therefore needs to go to the doctor. Then, the doctor prescribed him with medicines.

The following day, he went to work because he now feels okay.

On March 15, the fever came back and he can no longer come to work.

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On March 16, his mother found Patrick suffering from convulsion inside his room. So, Jovelyn immediately called for emergency assistance.

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Patrick was then rushed to the Emergency room. The next day, he was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. Since then, Patrick kept having seizures from time to time.

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He was tied to his bed after several seizures.

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A popsicle stick was even put in his mouth so that he will not bite his lip everytime seizure happens.

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On March 24, doctors declared that Patrick is now stable, he now has a normal blood pressure, vitals, no fever and even no seizure. He was in this state until March 27.

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However, at around 8:30 PM, Jovelyn received a call from her mom saying that Patrick is in critical condition. When Jovelyn arrived at the hospital, the medical personnel were already performing CPR on Patrick.

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They were trying to revive him for the past 30 minutes already. Still, Jovelyn prayed that there is still hope, the CPR continued for about an hour but it was of no avail. Eventually, Patrick was declared dead.

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Jovelyn and her family could still not fathom what really happened to him as they believed he was only suffering from an ordinary headache. Even his medical records say that it was a ‘virus’ that killed him.

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Nevertheless, may Patrick’s experience be a lesson to everyone to not take any sickness for granted. If possible, we should consult a doctor immediately so that proper medicines will be given for the sickness to heal faster.