These guys created their own underground mini pool out of primitive tools and materials

Summertime is really the hottest time of the year. This is main reason why people tend to seek different ways of cooling off their bodies just like going to resorts or beaches.

However, going to beaches or resorts can also add stress because you have to endure long travel hours and traffic but, why go bear the burden of long travel hours just to splash water on yourself when you can build your very own swimming pool in your backyard?

In this viral video posted by the Facebook page, Viral TRND, two men will demonstrate to us the whole process of making your very own swimming pool.

You have to start with digging the ground, dig and dig until you are satisfied with the would be depth of your swimming pool. After digging for the first layer, you must dig into a second layer for the deeper part of the pool.

Next, attach poles to the corners of the pool.  This will serve as the foundation of the roof you will soon attach to the pool.

Then, as an improvised cement, heat some stones and let them melt in boiling water.

You now have your very own DIY cement which you can use on your swimming pool.

You can now pour your cement mixture into the sides and under you swimming pool.

Tadaaaa! You now have your cemented pool.

Then, you can now install wood to serve as roofing foundation of your mini pool.

For the roofing, put some haystack and cover it with soil where the grass will be put.

As for the grass, you just have to put it above the soil for it to have a good looking finish.

Then, you just have to fill the pool with water.

Tadaaaa! Here goes your swimming pool. Enjoy swimming in it all you can.

See the full video here: