Netizen criticized academic awards given bearing “huge” face of politician

Its now the time for closing the school year. Students all over the country will now reap the fruits of their labor for the past school year. All their blood, sweat, tears and hardwork invested all throughout the year have finally paid off.

As such, they are truly honored to receive a medal, ribbon or a certificate as proof of their hardwork. But, what if the certificates that supposedly is an honor for a student bears the image of a local politician?

In a post by Facebook user Jessica Zurc, she shared her disappoinment towards an overly attention-seeking politician. She sarcastically said, “that moment when you eagerly receive an award but it turns out that the face of a politician is even bigger than your name on the certificate.”

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She also questioned why would there be a need for these politicians to put their face on the certificates? She stated the fact that in the first place, it was the students who worked hard to receive that award and not the politicians.

Politicians should not use such means to promote themselves as it is really insulting not just for the students but also for their parents.

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In the photos Jessica uploaded with her post, it shows that almost half of the certificate was covered with the face of a male politician, the other one also features the face of a woman politician. It turns out that the two are married and both hold a position in the government.

At the end of her post, Jessica sarcastically said that if she will be given a chance to vote now, she will definitely vote for a “NO” for both politicians.

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