Seaman husband goes to Tulfo after finding out wife’s dirty talk with another guy

The temptation of cheating in a relationship is always present. It all depends on a person whether he or she will give in to the temptation and potentially destroy the whole family or simply be strong and resist all of those for the relationship to be stronger and last longer.

In a viral case featured in Raffy Tulfo in action, a husband hopelessly asked the help of Tulfo after he read a messenger conversation of his wife with another man that includes indecent language and also contains obscene photos of the two.

The program also reached out to the wife to try and hear out her side on the issue. At first, she claimed that she did not know what the husband was talking about and it even her birthday during that day.


So, the husband told her about what he saw on her messenger chat box and he even has evidence as he took photos of the conversation between his wife and the other man whose name on messenger was “Darling Bueno.”



Raffy Tulfo even read some parts of the conversation out loud.

After that, the wife claimed that someone else could have used her account or hacked it and sent all those nasty chat to that other man.

Then, the husband revealed that they are having problems with their marriage as the wife has an unpaid debt amounting to PHP 6 Million which they are still paying until now.

Moreover, the two decided to talk things out in their home. When the Raffy Tulfo in action staff made a follow-up, they learned that Nora finally admitted to what John Mark was claiming and she was forced to leave their house. Now, their two children was left under John Mark’s care as he is planning to file an annulment against his wife.

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