“Immortal” chicken continues to live several days after its head was cut-off

When people cut off the head of a chicken before it is cooked, there is this short moment where the chicken still moves despite losing its head. But that only takes seconds to happen, unlike this bizarre and unbelievable case of a chicken in Thailand.

Apparently, the animal stayed alive for several more days without a head. In a report by buzzflare, photos of the chicken made headlines on Thailand’s social media as people could not believe that it survived for quite a long time.

The said photos was first shared by a Facebook user named Noppong Thitthammo along with a story about what really happened to the chicken. According to the post, a vet in Mueang Ratchaburoi district of Ratchaburi Province had been caring for the chicken, feeding it by dropping food down its neck and giving it antibiotics to prevent infection on its wounds.

“The animal has its life. If it wants to live, we feed it,” Supakadee Arun Thong, the vet who had adopted the headless bird, said in an interview.

Meanwhile, netizens are still clueless as to how the chicken ended up in that situation. Some assumed that it was attacked by another animal.

But everyone was more amazed with the fact that the chicken remained alive and even managed to stand and walk around.

The chicken’s condition is apparently a rare cases of survival which is linked to their anatomy. A chicken’s brain is located in their skull at an angle, so if they are beheaded to high up the neck, the rear part of the brain that controls automatic functions like breathing can remain intact. So if this part is not destroyed, the bird can apparently survive even without a head.

See the video here:

Meanwhile, there are also people who refuse to believe that there is truth to this story of the chicken.

What about you? Do you believe this is true or is it just another product of the naughty minds of humans?