Hospital staff forcibly takes chair where an old man seated due to hospital’s “one patient one chair policy”

Oftentimes, senior citizens or those people who are already past the retirement age are given the special treatment that they deserve because they can no longer function like the average citizens given their advanced age. In commercial establishments, a special specifically intended for them are even implemented as well as a discount of 10% on all their purchases.

However, this certain government hospital is now under scrutiny after this viral incident shared y a netizen.

In a post by Facebook user Cristobal Gutano Manapol, he uploaded a photo of an old man wearing a white shirt and a black pants along with photos of staff of the hospital seemingly stacking chairs on a makeshift storage room.

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According to the post, the hospital practices the policy of “1 chair 1 patient” which means that only one chair is allowed for every patient admitted in the hospital. It turns out that the said hospital is very strict in implementing this rule that even an 80-year-old man is not considered an exception.

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Manapol also recalled that the caretaker in-charge in the hospital forcefully took the seat where the old man was sitting and just reasoned out the strict implementation of their policy.

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Meanwhile, in the photos uploaded with the post, it can be noted that there are a lot of seats that are only stacked in one corner without anyone using which angered the netizens who came across the post and demanded that the said post should reach authorities so that proper action can be taken against the hospital.

H/T: Rachfeed