Hiking couple finds an old box with a text “Proverbs 18:22” written on it, so they opened their bible before checking what’s inside

Hiking is slowly becoming a habit to a lot of people nowadays, most find it a fulfilling experience to reach the peak after long hours of walking. Its just like struggling to reach your goal in life, plus the view above is really something worth treasuring for the rest of your life.

In the case of this couple who are hiking enthusiasts, when they decided to went hiking one day, they happen to come across something that will change their lives forever.

In a 3 minutes and 7 seconds video clip shared by the Facebook page Viral TRND, a couple who has been metal detecting while hiking in a forest came across a box that seems like it holds some sort of a treasure box.

As the said box was covered with mud, the guy tried to clean its upper part. With a little wiping, the words “Matthew 13:44” which is a verse in the bible.

The guy continued on wiping the lower part of the box which also revealed a bible verse on Proverbs 18:22, the couple tried to search the said verse on their bible and it turned out that the said verse says something about a man finding himself a wife.

As the husband was slowly opening the box by sliding the lower part to reveal its content, what lay before them was an old cloth. Inside, a small box was found.

The guy them immediately blurted out the words, “Will you marry me?”

The girl was really shocked with the surprise and unique kind of proposal from her boyfriend who event made the effort to bury the treasure beforehand.

Indeed, love knows no boundaries and love will enable a person to do so many unexpected things.

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