Viral video claims that woman is bewitched by her own bestfriend, faith healer tries to rescue

In the Philippines, Kulam or sorcery is defined as the ability to harness evil and use its supernatural power to hurt people and influences places and events. As there has been several cases of people being victims of “kulam”, there are also people who has been given the power to contradict sorcery spells and they are called psychic healers.

People who have been healed by these psychic healers serve as the living proof of their ability to cure any type of sickness whose root cause is jealousy or greed towards the victim.

In a particular video that recently made a buzz online however, it seems that a certain psychic healer has a different agenda than just plainly trying to cure his patient.

The said 50 minutes and 51 seconds video was uploaded by the Youtube channel Filipino Community. The video shows a woman wearing a gray reavealing shirt paired with black leggings.

She was reportedly possessed by a spirit which explains why two men were holding her down as the psychic healer (a man wearing a black shirt) tries his best to make the spirit leave the body of the woman.

However, as the video progresses, the psychic tries to move his hand on certain body parts of the woman which is deemed unnecessary by some netizens and was even dubbed as “chancing”. There are also others who say that it is all just part of the process of healing the patient from the pain she is feeling.

See the full video here:

How about you? Do you also believe that the psychic healer is trying to hit on the woman or are you one of the people who believe that all is just part of his way of curing his patients?