Guy regrets immediately after trying to prank his mother

While for some families, it may be a common practice to play a prank on each other. There are also others who rarely do so, but when they do, it can be something that is both shocking and hilarious.

Now that its the celebration of April Fool’s day, almost everyone grabbed this once in a year chance to play a prank on whoever it many be. Just like in the case of this son who decided to play a little prank with his mother, only that the mother had a much better revenge to her son.

In a report by Pilipino News, it all started when the son texted her mother that he is about to reveal something important and big news. He blurted out that he got his girlfriend pregnant.

As a typical reaction for a parent, the mother was enraged by the revelation and even suddenly decided to kick her son out of their house.

Alarmed with the mother’s sudden decision, the son immediately confessed that he was only kidding and it was all part of the April Fools celebration. However, the mother who was still fuming and cannot easily move on from the situation accidentally disclosed the ‘truth’ about her son.

At this point, the son was really surprised and confused at the same time when he learned that he was adopted by his parents. He did not even know what to say to his mother.

But, the mother then texted again that she was just pulling another prank as a revenge for what her son did to her.

The epic conversation easily made a buzz online as it was really timely for April Fools and many netizens are just plainly amazed by the witty revenge of the mother.