Jose Manalo humbly joins the crowd in kneeling inside a church

Oftentimes, the celebrities we see on television are given special treatment wherever they may go. They are considered to be Very Important Person or VIPs given their social status and influence towards the mob.

However, some celebrities just refuse to receive such kind of special treatment and just humbly blend in with the crowd despite their celebrity status. Just like in the case of Eat Bulaga host and comedian, Jose Manalo.

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Jose was caught on a netizen’s camera while he was kneeling down and praying at a certain church in the midst of a crowd during the celebration of the holy week. He was wearing a plain red shirt and maong pants with a small towel on his shoulders.

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The said photos was shared by the Facebook page Proud Bisaya with the caption:

“Mga ka proud c Jose Manalo kaila man jud mo ani nya diba ? , tama jud na maski unsa pa ta kasikat ,daghan ug kwarta , ato jud suklian ang Ginoo kay wa ta dinhe kung wa sya mapa kristiyano ka man , Islam , etc … di nato kalimtan ato Ginoo. Ginoo ray ato maduolan. Godbless sa atong tanan.”

(We feel proud of Jose Manalo, you know him right? It is just right for someone despite how famous or rich they are, they should not forget to thank the Lord because without him, we are nothing. It does not matter if you are a Catholic, Muslim, or etc., what is important is you remember God for he is the only one we can lean on in times of need. He is God to all of us.)

Indeed, praising and glorifying the Lord goes without comparison of social status because we are all equal in the eyes of God as we are all his children and he loves us beyond measure.