Alcoholic mother caught in the act of eating two-year-old daughter alive!

Stories of babysitters and parents abusing their children has been a constant hot issue that is considered a horrendous act and is condemned by many. Some people who are guilty of these acts often blame it on mental or drug issues but none of these reasons can justify the act.

This particular child abuse story that you are about to read will really make you cringe like you never did before.

In India, a 40-year-old alcoholic mother named Pramila Mondal was caught mutilating her own two-year-old daughter named Brahati.

It was fortunate enough that, Dablu (Brahati’s uncle) was able to come to the scene of the incident after he heard the cries of the poor child. Thankfully, he was able to rescue Brahati.

“It was around noon and I was resting at home when I heard loud cries of Bharati. I ran to check on her but there the scene I saw was beyond shocking. Bharati was bleeding profusely as Pramila was eating the flesh of her head. I immediately snatched away Bharati from Pramila and rushed her to Malda Medical College and Hospital where she is admitted to ICU,” Dablu said in an article by Wereblog.

As the family was living in a crowded area, news of what happened to th child quickly spread in their neighborhood. People soon gathered and attacked Pramila.

The mob was only dispersed after authorities came to the scene. Pramila also admitted to the crime she committed.

As for Brahati, she is brought to a hospital with better facilities in Kalkota, India.

Let us just continue to hope that Brahati gets the proper care that she needs as a child and that she grows up without hatred but just love from the people around her.