LOOK: After devotees “Panaad”, famous Holy Week destination left with lots of garbages everywhere

As part of the culture and tradition of Filipinos during the Holy Week, it has been a practice to visit places that are famous for depicting a symbol of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.

In the case of people from Cagayan de Oro, their way of remembering the passion and death of Christ is through a spiritual and holistic penitence or their so called “Panaad.”

One of the most popular destination for people who participate in the Panaad is the Gardens of Malasag, an eco-tourism village owned and managed by the national government.

This place is ideal for people who literally want to get away from it all. No phone lines or television in the rooms. One will truly be able to relax and be away from stress and at the same time render penitence by not using any kind of gadget.

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However, in a post shared by the Facebook page, Cagayan de Oro Today, it seems that most of the tourists who were able to visit the sacred place have forgotten about preserving its beauty.

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In the photos uploaded by the said page, tons of garbage are scattered all around the place.

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The entire scenery that should be beautiful for everyone to see is all ruined by the wastes scattered everywhere.

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Many netizens were angered by the post saying that people should be responsible enough in dealing with petty things such as their garbage. After all, the care and maintenance of our environment still remains a responsibility of everyone.