Karen Davila shares family’s traumatic experience in Siargao

The Philippines is really abundant with beautiful sceneries that can be found just about anywhere in its 7,107 islands. Aside from the already famous beaches like Boracay and Palawan, another rising name for tourists is the island of Siargao. It is even now dubbed as the surfing capital of the country.

However, famous TV and radio anchor Karen Davila shared a rather traumatic experience on her first ever visit to Siargao with her family.

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In a very long post on her Facebook page, Karen narrated to her followers about her travel with Siargao. According to her post, she went there with her husband, two kids and their other relatives.

As surfing was the main attraction in the island, Karen also decided to enroll her two sons to a surfing lesson. However, the supposed happy vacation of the family turned into a nightmare when something happened to Karen’s oldest son named David.

“After a few minutes of basic training on the beach, David and Lucas were off with trainers Junrey and Jocol, while my husband and I lay on the shore enjoying the view and the local vibe.

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Around half an hour after….our son David ran to us BLOODIED, with his rash guard ripped apart and said, “Mom, I had an accident!”. I have to say, I was in a moment of suspended disbelief. My husband immediately attended to my son, as they searched for a life guard, a medic or a small first aid station in Boardwalk Cloud 9. I on the other hand, started calling out for my smaller son, Lucas who was still surfing on the beach.

After a minor commotion, with surfers screaming my son’s name, Lucas finally came to shore with his trainer Junrey. It took some time before we finally found David and my husband DJ at the end of the boardwalk.

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I WAS SPEECHLESS. My son’s whole chest, was bleeding from crisscrossing abrasions (as you can see on the photo above) with a deeper gash under the right rib, clearly from hitting the rocks on the shallow waters, his chin bruised and covered with blood, his right hand in cuts like that from a small knife,” Karen wrote.

As the broadcaster that she is, Karen immediately went out to seek the help of the Siargao’s government officials but their answers to her queries were quite disappointing.

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In the end of her post, Karen pointed out a few concern points about the safety of those who decide to learn how to surf in Siargao, most especially the need to have a doctor or nurse that could cater to the needs of the people who might be a victim of untoward incidents.

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