Guy gets instant karma after kicking “Jesus” in a Senakulo re-enactment

During the season of lent, people try to reflect on the works of Jesus Christ as a way of remembering his sufferings to save us from our sins. One of the most popular practices during this season is the Senakulo or the dramatic presentation depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ: his trial, suffering and death.

Some people make it their “Panata” or oath to be part of the yearly “Senakulo” as their way of repenting for their sins and also try to have a first hand experience of what Jesus Christ went through.

However, it seems that there are also people who take the Senakulo to their advantage but its karma that does the work for them.

Just like in this viral video featuring a Senakulo where a man wearing a read dress who portrays the role of Jesus Christ can be seen dizzily walking and following behind him are four men who take turns in kicking his back.

In the said 10 seconds clip posted by the Facebook page Idol Pidol, three of the four have become successful in their attempt to land a kick on the man who portrays Jesus. But, when the turn of the fourth man wearing red and blue jacket paired with yellow and violet shorts came, he slipped on the spot and was unable to land a proper kick.

The spectators of the show instantly made a huge laughing sound after the unfortunate yet hilarious accident. Indeed, when one inflicts pain on another, karma really does its part.

See the full video here:

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