OFW mom finds out her daughter is bullied at school through a viral video

Bullying is strictly prohibited in schools, may be physical or mental type of bullying, it does no good to anyone. After several recorded cases of bullying in the past, both teachers and parents have already made an effort to try to stop their children from being bullied and also from being the ones who bully other students.

However, despite their efforts, it seems that bullying has already been a culture in some schools just like this viral video that made rounds online.

In a two-minute clip shared by Michael Alfredo Faminial, female students wearing their school uniform can be seen cursing another student sitting on a bench and one of them even slapped the poor student three times.

Watch the video here:

It was later identified that the rude girl was named Zydney Merell Salvador and the bullied student was only identified by the name, Tasha.

As the video quickly became viral, it reached the mother of the victim which turned out to be an OFW working in Abu Dhabi named Honey Ethel Arce Retuita.

Out of anger for what happened to her daughter, Honey took to her Facebook account and aired out her sentiment saying that she will never accept just a simple apology from those who hurt her daughter. She is even willing to face them in court if need be. She also called out the authorities of the school to make an action so that there will be no other student that will also suffer just like her daughter.

In another post, Honey emphasized that those who urge her to stop spreading the viral video of her daughter are the ones that should be ashamed. After all, her daughter was the victim and she only wants the people involved to be punished accordingly.

What happened to Tasha should be considered a wake up call to everyone that bullying is happening and this may also be one of the reasons why many young people suffer from depression which results to them committing suicide. The time is now for everyone to make a stand against bullying.