BEWARE! Two new modus operandi of kidnapping revealed

In the recent years, cases of abduction of children alarmingly increases. Because of this, parents have also tried to find ways to keep their children safe wherever they may go. However, as parents try to find ways to improve the way they educate their children, kidnapping syndicates also find new innovations in what they do best.

In recent recorded cases, there has been two new modus operandi which kidnappers use to lure children and abduct them as compiled by Definitely Filipino.

One of which is recorded through a kidnapping case that happened in Divisoria. In several CCTV footages uploaded y the Facebook page, OFW Kalingawan, kidnappers are pretending to be scavengers. They lure the innocent minds of children by giving them PHP 200 and also asks the child to go with them inside Divisoria.

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When the child agrees to go with them, the kidnappers make the move of abducting the child on their way to Divisoria. Similar cases are also recorded in the areas of Kambal na Krus, Raxabago, Tondo, Manila.

The other new method used by kidnappers is the roaming van which was spotted in Bulacan according to Facebook user, Emma Galang Trinidad. The said kidnapping syndicate is operating in Sto. Nino, Meycauayan, Bulacan.

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It was known that the suspect pretends to be an insane person to go near their target. If the target victim becomes at ease with the suspect, this is when the abduction occurs.

Lucky enough for the residents near the area, authorities have managed to get a hold of the plate numbers of the white vans used by the kidnappers. The next time you come across a white van with these plate numbers: UMJ 450 and AAZ 1807, you better make a detour.

Because of these various tricks used by kidnappers, all we can do is always keep an eye on our children and make sure that they are away from danger.