Girl dies after falling off from a double-deck bed, friends grieve online

As they say, “Life is short”, we will never know when or how death may come to us but one thing is sure, it definitely will. So, we should always take proper caution in everything we do because we will never know when our time will be.

Just like what happened to a Facebook user named Haidee Badidles. In a Facebook post shared by her boyfriend, Danbar Ardales, he expressed his grief over the sudden and unexpected death of his girlfriend.

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Just a few days before the sad post about Haidee’s death, Danbar also made several posts pleading everyone to help Haidee’s family and him in praying for her fast recovery.

It was reported that Haidee fell off a double-deck bed while she was sleeping. She was rushed to the hospital and later fell into a comatose state, since then, she never woke up but Danbar and her family still hoped that she can wake-up from the comatose.

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Unfortunately, their hopes failed them as Haidee was pronounced dead in the morning of February 28.

Meanwhile through his post, Danbar recalled all the happy memories he had with Haidee as in the pictures he uploaded together with his post. Pictures that were never seen by anyone before as the two agreed to keep their relationship private and not upload photos on social media.

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Danbar also thanked the people who supported Haidee financially and spiritually during her last days through his post.

The said post was flooded by condolence messages from Netizens who also find it unbearable for Haidee to die in such way.

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