Bella Padilla cleverly slams bashers who ‘body-shamed’ her on her beach photos

Instagram is one of the most popularly used social media application among millenials. As many are fond of taking pictures wherever they go, Instagram is the perfect destination to post their picture-perfect moments. Plus, many famous actors and actresses also use Instagram to share snaps of their daily lives with their fans.

Bela Padilla, one of the most admired celebrities nowadays is also an avid user of Instagram. With her whopping 1.9 Million followers, it’s a given fact that many people can see her posts and that includes her bashers too.

In one of her recent posts, she shared a snap of her wearing a two-piece swimsuit, a blue cap and a pair of sunnies during her stay in a beach in Amanpulo.

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In the said post, Bela’s ‘belly’ can be seen. Many netizens posted negative comments on the post by body-shaming Bela.

As a response to some mean comments, Bela took to her Twitter account and tweeted saying that she was shocked by the number of people who pointed out that she has a belly. She cleverly added to the tweet by saying, “Yes. I do. It holds my organs that I need to live. It has a layer of muscles that I worked hard for in the gym and a layer of fat from the food I enjoy to eat. Deal with it. PLUS, I’m seated.”

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In another tweet, Bela sarcastically pointed out that she could have easily edited the photo but she refused to do so as she believes that imperfection is normal and a person cannot be liked by being perfect even if its fake.

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Surely, those bashers are now thinking more than twice before commenting on another post. After all, they learned quite a useful lesson in the hard way.