Traveler forced to vacate after couple room mate in a hostel in Cebu had 3 rounds of loud “mating”

When traveling from one place to another, it can’t be avoided that one has to sometimes rent a ‘shared’ room for practical reasons. That’s why popular tourist destinations are also often swamped with all many hostels for the convenience of travelers.

However, this certain backpacker somehow had a rather ‘awkward’ experience when he checked-in at a certain hostel in a popular tourist destination in Cebu.

In a post shared by Rady James Bagnol, he shared that he arrived late at a room he will be staying in for the night. When he went inside, he was unable to meet his roommate that night as he was nowhere to be found. So, Rady just went on with doing paperworks for his day job.

It was when a Canadian national who turned out to be his roommate came in. They had a small talk, moments later, the said Canadian national asked Rady to step out of the room which the latter refused as it was already 1 AM.

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However, what shocked Rady was even when he was inside the room, the Canadian and the girl he was with was still doing their ‘thing’. He can even hear the loud moan of the girl. Thus, he was forced to vacate the room.

Rady waited outside the room for the two to finish what they were doing but it turned out that the two was about to go all out when they went for another round and another one after that. As a proof, Rady even uploaded a video clip of the moaning of the girl.

Because Rady could no longer take it, he asked for the help of the staff of the hostel to transfer him to another room which the staff willingly did so despite the time.

Because Rady’s post went viral, one of the staff of the hostel commented on his post by saying that they feel really apologetic towards what happened to their customer and assured him that they will provide a refund for his payment and also talk to their Canadian customer about the incident.


Well, what would you have done if you were on Rady’s shoes?

Here is his full post: