Doctor who fell in love with his dying patient decides to live with her corpse for 7 years

One you give your heart to someone, there is no turning back. All that you are will be solely dedicated to the person you love without reserve. This is exactly what happened with a Radiologist named Carl Tanzler, who was born in Dresden, Germany.

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Tanzler already had a family of his own, he married a fellow German girl in his homeland rather late in his life, at the age of 43, with whom he had two children. However, certain problems rose in their marriage which led to Carl leaving them for good after they all emigrated to the United States in the mid-1920s, only two years after his wife gave birth to their second child Crystal, who eventually died from diphtheria when she was only 10.

According to Vintage News, the family went through thick and thin to get to America, changing their names in the process. Just as they were starting to settle down in Zephyrhills, Florida, Carl was offered a position at the United States Marine Hospital in Key West. So under his new name, Carl von Cosel, or Count Carl von Cosel, a title as fabricated as was his last name and everything that followed after, he opted to pursue a career as a doctor instead of being a loving father and a husband.

While he was doing his job as a doctor, a new patient, a white-skinned, dark-haired Cuban beauty named Elena was admitted at the hospital. Her full name was Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos, a heaven-sent love of his life for Carl, and the moment he first saw her, the beginning of a long-lasting “loving” relationship with literally the woman of his dreams–of which she would know nothing about.

Unfortunately, he soon found out that his new love interest is suffering from tuberculosis. He was really devastated with this news but he still took care of her diligently. In her capacity as a doctor, he tried all kinds of medication there is to try and cure the love of his life. However, all his efforts failed because she died a year and a half later. She was only 21 years old when she passed away.

After her death, the doctor arranged for her to be buried in an expensive mausoleum. When her family agreed, the doctor paid for her body to be prepared by the best mortician in Florida.

For two long years, he visited the tomb almost everyday. The family found the doctor’s gesture very considerate, little did they know that he had made a spare key to the mausoleum and made his visits behind closed doors, inside the tomb. Seven years later, stories of a doctor who made frequent visits to women’s clothing stores and perfume shops, buying all sorts of lady things, began to arouse suspicions.

Elena’s family heard the rumor that Dr. Carl was seeing someone. He was seen dancing with a ladylike figure behind closed curtains inside his home. At first, they were happy for him, until Elena’s sister, decided to pay him a visit–only to find out that the doctor actually was seeing her long-dead sister.

After the investigation, the police found out that he loaded her decomposing body into a wagon and transported her back to his makeshift laboratory, constructed out of an old airplane, where he stitched her up and inserted hard wires to preserve and change her posture at ease. In addition to that, he waxed the skin, stuffed the inside with rags, plastered her body and placed glass eyes in her eye sockets.

Proper investigations were made and Dr. Carl was found to have been suffering from a serious mental illness.

After a short while, Elena’s body was once again laid in the same cemetery but in an unmarked grave, so that she can be safe from the prying eyes and perverted admirers.

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